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  • I understand that elements of this tour may be physically, socially and/or emotionally demanding. The tour may include participation in outdoor activities conducted in Himalayan wilderness areas. I understand that certain risks and dangers will exist such as (but not limited to) loss or damage to personal property, injury or fatality. I understand that it is my responsibility to hold full and valid medical insurance while on tour with Yak Trak Tours, and any other personal insurance that may be deemed appropriate. I acknowledge that while Yak Trak Tours staff and guides will make every reasonable effort to minimise risks, not all dangers associated with the activities can be foreseen. I accept the fact that, while the tour staff are skilled and experienced, they can not guarantee my safety as some risks are beyond their control. I have a personal responsibility to follow safety guidelines established by tour staff and I will inform them if I do not understand what is expected of me. I am aware that if I choose not to continue the tour for any reason I can discuss this with the tour staff. I can expect program staff to value my choice and encourage responsible decision-making. I understand that while every effort will be made by staff to allow me to exit the tour, my choice can not disadvantage or put other participants at risk. I am sufficiently fit to participate in this tour. I agree to notify the tour staff of any changes to my health and fitness, which may occur before, or during the program. Should I become ill or injured, I give my consent to the tour staff to provide or arrange for provision of medical treatment or rescue services as they see fit. I agree to pay for any such treatment or medical advice, if not covered under my medical insurance policy.