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There are a number of health factors that need to be considered before any extensive travel, and mostly these are addressed by common sense and practical medical advice from your health care professional. The following gives an indication of your health and fitness requirements:

On Jeep Safari

Travellers on our Jeep Safari tours should have a basic level of fitness and mobility and be able to negotiate uneven surfaces, climb stairs, and walk a couple of kilometres at a comfortable pace. You may be required to carry your own luggage for short distances at a time.

While Trekking

Travellers on our trekking tours will need a good level of fitness. Expect to walk about 8 to 16 kilometres per day while trekking, often up and down steep mountainous terrain. It is not a race, and you will have all day to walk the distances, so don’t feel you need to be an athlete to trek. Daily walks of one to two hours duration in your travel shoes or boots prior to your trek is highly recommended. If you have any doubts about your level of fitness, please contact us for clarification. Some treks are easier than others, so also check the trip notes for details.


All tours involve some physical activity, with periods of long distance travel in a vehicle. Accommodation in remote areas may be basic, with power not reliably available everywhere. Whilst Yak Trak Tours endeavour to design tours that are comfortable, safe and predictable (for the guides), environmental conditions are not always so. Expect to encounter extremes in climate, and to be prepared for periods of discomfort, unless traveling on a program listed as a Luxury Journey. These are specifically designed to maximise comfort levels wherever possible.