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The following are necessary for all participants on a Yak Trak journey. This is to ensure that you are appropriately covered in the case of an emergency, and to indicate that you understand the implications of being involved in an adventure based travel experience.


It is a requirement for all our travellers to have a comprehensive travel insurance policy with full medical cover. Your travel agent can help you with advice regarding the best policy for your tour.

We strongly suggest that you take out travel insurance prior to booking your flights so as to be covered in case of unforeseen cancellations.

You will be required to submit your insurance policy name and number prior to the commencement of your journey. We also research and find good insurance offers from time to time, so contact us about this if you would like some tips.

There is a wide variety of policies available and your travel agent will be able to make recommendations. Some policies offer lower and higher medical-expense options but the higher ones are chiefly for countries like the USA which have extremely high medical costs. Check the small print.

Some policies specifically exclude ‘dangerous activities’, including scuba diving, motorcycling and even trekking. If you are doing a journey with Yak Trak that involves any of these potentially high risk activities, then you don’t want that sort of policy.

You may prefer a policy which pays doctors or hospitals direct rather than you having to pay on the spot and claim later. If you have to claim later make sure you keep all documentation. Some policies ask you to call back (reverse charges) to a centre in your home country where an immediate assessment of your problem is made.

Check if the policy covers ambulances or an emergency flight home.

At this point, we are recommending iTrek Insurance for Aussies, especially for those doing a Zen Bullet Ride, as their standard policy will cover any size bike, as long as you are licensed for that size in your home country.

Check their info here: iTrek Travel Insurance


A Booking Form is part of your information kit and gives us some basic information about you, your contact details, emergency contacts, passport and visa info, etc. There is also a consent box with our terms and conditions that you are required to affirm your acceptance of.

Spirit Journey Booking Form (you guys get a special one!)

Link through to online form here: Spirit Journey Booking Form

Yak Trak General Booking Form

Link through to online form here: Yak Trak Booking Form

And just to make sure we’re all on the same page regarding what it means to make a booking, and what happens in case you want to cancel, you can also read the Booking Terms and Conditions.

Read and review the Booking Terms and Conditions here: Booking Terms



A completed Medical Form is also required. This is where you to inform us of any relevant medical information. In certain conditions, it may be necessary to get your Doctor’s written consent.

Link through to online form here: Medical Form



A valid Indian Visa is an absolute requirement for all travel into India at any time. There are no exceptions to this, and visa’s are NOT available on arrival in India. You MUST arrange your visa to India prior to arrival in India. Generally you can get your visa within 1 to 2 weeks depending on where you live and your passport situation.

Please make sure your up to date Visa details are included in your booking form information.

You can check with VFS in your region for online application of visas.

For Australians: click here

Global VFS Service: click here