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Welcome to Yak Trak Projects, a not-for-profit division of Yak Trak with a commitment to benefit the people and places we visit on our various journeys. Our focus is firmly placed in India and the Himalayas, as this is our main area of operations, and it is where we have been building our family of connections for over 20 years.


Yak Trak is an eco-tourism company that strives to set standards of excellence in all its practices, particularly the way we interact with the people and cultures who host our tours. In order to meet our own commitment to give something back to the places we visit, Yak Trak Projects has been established to operate in a purely non-profit way. This is to ensure that the much needed funds raised through this organisation go directly to the places they are meant for.


Depending on what is considered critical at the time, we primarily share information about particular projects with a wide range of organisations and people, endeavouring to match surplus resources to needs in our target area. These fall into three main categories:

Financial: From funding building projects and sponsoring children’s school fees, funding is always going to be an essential part of our work.

Material: Locating and directing useful material resources is also very useful, particularly if funds are unavailable.

People: Directing people who have the vision and the wish to give their time and energy to a project helps in so many ways. Our volunteer program is designed to find the right people for the right places.


Current Projects



A culturally appropriate school for Himalayan children in Spiti Valley, geographically Indian and culturally Tibetan.


Our initial project, dating back to 1992, sponsoring monks at the ancient monastery of Tabo, in the Spiti Valley.


A project that nearly was… in 2009 we sent a team up to Tabo to build an Eco House, and unfortunately it was not to be, due to unforeseen land ownership issues. Still, great work was done with education and community development around the idea of Eco Construction. Read the report for the full story.


A fund-raising project where we find beautiful handcrafted products from various parts of India, and sell them through our website, with the funds going directly to the craftsmen and women in India. Check our link on the side bar under LInks to see the range of products currently available. As we find more suitable good for this range, we will add them to the gallery.


One of our newer concepts, organic creams and beauty products sourced directly from the Himalayas and exported to Australia.


This is our latest and most exciting local venture, an organic food and produce store, located just outside Manali on the Naggar road, near Prini Village. The store is an outlet for the excellent quality organic produce that is sourced locally, and which we supplement with organic products found in India to give as wide a range as possible. Also available is a small cafe outlet where we offer organic teas and coffees, as well as healthy cakes, treats and snacks.