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What Others Say

Spirit Journey is packed with adventure travel for the seeker in you. From teachings, kirtan, yoga, sight seeing and temple tours. Every day is packed with adventure!

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Glenn Philip Adams, Bali, Indonesia

A journey into the self, to others, forming connections with beautiful friends and the Earth. Time for reflection, growing and gratefulness. A journey of letting go of expectations, of fears and for developing love to myself, for others and for the world.

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Naomi Diplock, Brisbane Australia

The perfect introduction to ancient India!

Andre Vas, Byron Bay, Australia

This journey was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We travelled as a group with an intention of what I would call “Sacred Adventure”. With this intention and the like mindedness of the people, we very soon were very close and comfortable with each other! I’ve found another tribe of mine!

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Uta Riese, Switzerland

Moving yoga holiday giving great experiences with local monasteries, teachers and temples, plus a nurturing team of experts to look after you and make the whole journey a fun and easy time.

Molly Furzer, Sydney, Australia

An epic journey from Dharamsala, through the majestic Himalayas, to Leh in Ladakh. Travelling with a good group of like minded people. Traversing dramatic landscapes, high-altitude passes, snow, etc…

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Maria-Eleni Alesandre, Sydney, Australia

An experience of what northern India has to offer when it comes to spiritual and cultural things. Also the landscape is incredible. really got to see the contrasts of India and got to meet lots of interesting people.

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Kenneth Kallin, Sweden

This sacred pilgrimage was full of adventure, sacred moments and rejuvenation as well as blissful, challenging, extraordinary experiences!

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Natalie Purcell, Byron Bay, Australia

Amazing diverse journey set in stunning landscapes. Hard work sometimes, but definitely rewarding. Opening heart experiences and beautiful special connections were made.

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Andrew Price, Gold Coast, Australia

“Just do it!” – Its the trip of a lifetime. The experience is profound and the personal growth is palpable. Its both a transformational and beautiful journey.

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Nadia Gualtieri, Paris France

This journey was absolutely mind blowing. Each day was special… there were moments of breath taking beauty, there was adventure, beautiful friendships were made and we were well cared for. It was an amazing inner and outer journey that I will never forget!

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Monique Pangari, Mullumbimby Australia

It was a journey of mind, body and spirit. Seeing the country, feeling the culture and experiencing an emotional connection to it. To travel with the group and share the experience added to the experience. I feel like I have grown as a person.

(Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Samantha Jade Campbell, Brisbane Australia

This journey will fulfil all your senses and emotions. This journey will not fulfil your ego. It is definitely about the journey not the destination. (Spirit Journey to Ladakh 2014)

Chris Holt, Brisbane Australia

A mind opening journey through different forms of creation. It opens one to connect with nature, man and the Almighty.

Ronny Irie, Kenya

A really well organised tour (suited to anyone) jam packed with a huge variety of exciting sessions and events.

Dane Birks, Fremantle - Australia

An opportunity to embrace the gentle, wild and hardcore aspects of travelling across the Himalayan range which being supported and guided by the most generous and fun loving souls.

Bubaloo, Ocean Shores - Australia

I joined Yak Trak on a life changing motorcycle journey in June 2013. As soon as I signed up for the trip 6 months before, I noticed little waves of fear coming up within me.  I discovered that the fears were only in my thoughts and the reality was that all was in my control… there was nothing to be scared of and the beauty of the Shiva mountains showed itself to me….. Thank you Russell for an amazing journey, inside and out!

Alex Grant, Byron Bay, Australia

Staying with Tenzin and Lobsang was a special highlight for me. Their openness and gentleness was a delight to be around, and gives me inspiration and hope for humanity.

Florence Singleton

Amazing! I never knew there was so much diversity in India, and the Himalayas in particular. So many cultures, so many colours, incredible scenery and the people are so generous and friendly! I loved it!

Robert Soothe

If there is one tour I will do again this life, it is the Tabo Kids Tour. Nothing else I’ve ever done comes close to camping with 30 amazing Himalayan kids.

Jane Wilson

When things got tricky on the route, with a landslide blocking our path, Paul and Lobsang just redid the itinerary with a great new option, and we were on our way again. I can see how its impossible to predict the weather in the Himalayas, but we always made it through somehow. Good work fellas!

Brice Thompson

Authenticity..creativity..unique tours…!

Prem Sarjana, Pune, India

Nature, Culture, Adventure … & the Boss!

Chetana, Byron Bay, Australia

Recommended for all age groups who want a unique experience.

Elizabeth Collins, Adelaide, Australia

Would have loved to go on one of these journeys….

Mette Maja Irgens, Bergen, Norway

For a unique, awe inspiring adventure of a lifetime, it doesn’t get get any better than this. Highly recommended.

Jenny Lasky, Byron Bay, Australia

Easy as it gets way to connect with the most beautiful place on earth, with a skilful and considerate guide. On our Dads n Lads trip, connecting with nature juxtaposed with connecting more with my son has been rewarding beyond words – thanks Siddh for facilitating this space.

Paul Benhaim, Byron Bay, Australia

Travelling with Tenzin on trek was an amazing experience, he is so knowledgeable, and also funny… we all had a great experience!

Julia Kneubühler, Paris, France

I like…… being taking to the Top of the World and having an adventure beyond my wildest imaginings! Yak Trak is fantastic!

Robbie Hoad, Actor & Musician

I have and will continue to tell the world how awesome my yak trak experience was. There has not been another like it. I LOVED the care and attention and thought that was put into my adventure. I made some wonderful friends. Go have a blast, see wonderful things and enjoy it all!

Leza Bardini, Shop Owner

Small groups, personalised adventures, authentic experiences, once-in-a-lifetime memories and lasting friendships.

Alan Jones

If you’re going to travel to the Himalayas, make a point of using a professional company who specialise in the region you’re travelling to. Russell from Yak Trak has been travelling through Kinnaur, Spiti and Ladakh for over 20 years and really understands what people want to experience. I recommend Yak Trak for their reliability, attention to detail and commitment to quality.

Ross Smith, Esperance, WA